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school childrenChildren in Pakistan understand what a blessing it is if they are able to receive an education. There are no public schools, and poor families are often unable to send their children to school.  Because of this, generation after generation remains poor.

Christ Public School was founded to change that dynamic and help poor and orphan children become educated so they can break free from the cycle of poverty.  This school accepts as many children as possible, regardless of whether the family is able to pay the tuition. In order to do this, they depend heavily on donations from compassionate individuals around the world.

Let Principal Amin Issac take you on a video tour of the school building and classrooms.  You will see that some of the classrooms actually meet in an outdoor courtyard area.  Amin invites us to “Please pray for a school building.  We need 3 rooms and one computer room.  Yours sincerely, SCHOOL PRINCIPAL AMIN ISSAC.”

For the video to play smoothly, you may need to PAUSE it until it loads fully.

Note:  Since the video was made, parts of the roof have collapsed over one classroom due to heavy rains in August and September 2013.  You can see photos HERE.

Amin Issac is the founder and Principal of Christ Public School. It was established on 29 November, 1999.  It is situated in village Chicho ki mallian Disstic sheikhupura Pakistan. This is a rural area, with many poor and orphan children.

The school is registered by the government of PAKISTAN, registration number 4012.  This is a non-profitable school. Ten teachers are working in Christ Public School.

The total number of students is 252.
– At least 20 are orphans
– Most others are poor, unable to pay any fees

Our first and foremost aim is to teach the orphan children and poor children free.  This includes:

  • Give them free books and note books.
  • Give them a school uniform and shoes one time in the year.
  • Give them religious education that they may know the word of God.
  • Give lunch to those who have no one at home to feed them at noon.

Our mission is to enable orphan children to lead a positive, happy, independent life; integrate into society; achieve their maximum potential; and adopt a suitable career.

Our aim is to provide a better quality, computerized education, and better educational facilities, to the needy children in Village Chicho ki mallian sheikhupura Pakistan.  Due to lack of funds, Christ Public School is always striving to complete these goals.

The current building is very rough.  In August 2013 parts of the roof actually collapsed due to heavy rains….. but the new school term began on schedule in spite of this setback.  Several more repairs and the addition of a school office room have taken place over the years since then.  We are looking forward to someday building a NICE building with the helping hand of God and His beloved followers.

If you ever have time, please come to the school and see how we work and guide the children. We will welcome you, and the children will be happy to meet you.

Please donate to us your offering, books, uniforms, grey coloured jackets, and furniture for orphan children. Send your offering by western union, Recipient name  AMIN BOOTER ISSAC.  My ID number is 35404-9509326-3.
You can also donate by Paypal using the Paypal Button on this page (or go to the Donate page).
Thank you and God bless you .

cell phone no: +92 300 4048150


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