How Roofs Are Made In Pakistan

As you probably know, most roofs in Pakistan are flat.  This makes them easily susceptible to leaking.

This brief video shows roof construction of a typical Pakistani roof.  Concrete is later mixed and poured over the roof, which is the final step after the base of the roof has been constructed of other materials.

The base of Christ Public School’s roof is constructed of steel girders and bricks. Then the concrete “mason work” goes over that base.

You can see photos of the existing base being constructed in this post from October 2013. But now the rain is already leaking through that roof, built a little less than 3 years ago.

Roof Repairs Needed Again

The school’s roof is leaking, and the rainy season is here.  Principal Amin Issac gives us a tour to show us the rain damage in this video.

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The audio is a little hard to understand, so here is a transcript/paraphrase of Amin’s narration in the video:

“The classroom walls are broken. The water flowed from the roof, and water is collecting inside the door. The walls are broken, and the floors are also dingy. We are requesting to all… please pray for that roof, that we can quickly make the changes. Pray that Jesus will bless us concerning the needs for the roof.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.”