The 2020 Project – Big Goals

girls with refreshmentsThere is excitement in the air as the school’s 20th birthday celebration approaches on the 29th of November.

Cake and food will be served, and it will be a very festive time for the students and teachers.

(It’s not too late to send your congratulations and share some love with them.)

Amin has also released a very optimistic list of projects that he is hoping to achieve during the NEW year ahead.  He calls it Our Project For 2020.

This beautiful banner celebrates the 20th Birthday milestone, shows the school’s services, and also shows the ambitious goals they would like to achieve in 2020.

banner for school birthday and Project for 2020

As you can see, Amin wants to continually improve the school.  Over the past twenty years, the school has been able to educate an increasing number of children each year.

boys enjoying foodThe lunch program didn’t exist at all until 8 or 9 years ago, and at the beginning they were only feeding 8 children who had no one at home to give them lunch.

Improvements have been made to the building, in addition to whatever repairs are sometimes needed.

Amin is eager to expand even more and be able to once again increase the number of students this year from 250 to 300 students. They plan to add 3 more classrooms, and start computer classes and sewing classes to help equip the older students for success.

Thanks so much for keeping these projects in your prayers! As always, if you would like to help with the finances, you can use the Donate button on the right.

Don’t forget to go on Amin’s Facebook page and tell the school “Happy Birthday!”

Thanksgiving blessingAnd finally, have a very
Happy Thanksgiving!

school children enjoying food