Susan’s Video

Image from VideoOne of Amin’s friends, Susan Moss Jenkins, made a beautiful video asking her friends to help fund an air conditioner for Amin and the school. (You can see her heartfelt video on the Donate page.)

As she explains in the video, Amin’s health has been suffering, and the extreme heat in Pakistan is making it difficult for the required medicine to work properly to help him.

The well-done sequence of photos in the film gives many glimpses into the school’s daily life and recent history. Every shot with the children’s sweet faces is precious.

video scene of Amin and orphan girlThis is one of my favorite scenes from the video, because I remember this adorable little girl who found a special place in my heart. She came to the school a few years ago, shortly after both of her parents had died tragically. She was staying with her grandmother, and was so thrilled to be able to come to the school.

In this photo, she was so new to the school that she didn’t have a uniform yet. But her face shows the joy of being loved and accepted, even though she was certainly sad over the recent loss of both parents.

This is the perfect photo to illustrate just how big Amin’s heart is… no matter how little funding he has, or what health challenges he is facing, he just can’t turn away a child who is hurting.

Thank you, Susan, for creating and sharing this excellent video!