Earthquake Damage 9/24/19

A Magnitude 5.6 earthquake struck Pakistan on Tuesday, September 24th.  This photo was taken near the epicenter.

Thank God for no loss of life at Christ Public School, but there is damage to the walls and roof overhang.

Amin is very concerned, since children play under those walls and roofs.  It will require $600 to repair the cracked walls.

Please pray for the safety of everyone at the school, and for the necessary funds to become available for the repairs.

Here is a closeup of one of the cracked walls:



Thank you to everyone who is able to help… and thank you for the prayers.

Amin has posted a brief video on his Facebook timeline:


New Notebooks for the New Semester

Presenting Notebook to a boy.It is time to supply new notebooks to the children for the final semester of 2019.

(The Pakistani school year coincides with the calendar year, with the new school year beginning in January.)

Notebook Cover Design

This is the new cover design… isn’t it beautiful?  The writing is in both English and Urdu.


Here is what the cover from the previous term looked like:

Notebook Cover - Old
2nd Term Notebook Cover

As you can see, the new design is a nice change for the children, even though the previous design was also beautiful.

Amin is very thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ that enough notebooks were supplied for the 2nd Term, which is now ending.

Now he needs to purchase 1,000 notebooks for the final semester that runs from 20 September to 20 December. He is requesting us to join him in buying the notebooks for the kids.

The need is urgent, as he needs the money by September 20th.

Stack of Notebooks
Previous Term Notebooks

Every $1.00 received will purchase 3 books, so everything counts. Don’t hold back just because maybe you can’t send very much.  All donations are welcome, and God will help the funds to multiply and be enough.

“I request to all my friends, join me in prayers and send your generous love gifts for notebooks, if possible. God bless you.”

To donate securely through Paypal, simply click on the Donate button at the top right of this page.

“Our work depends upon faith; we are nothing without your love support and prayer support.  God bless you, Friends.”  ~ Amin Issac