About Amin Issac and Ambreen Amin

Amin Issac, Principal of Christ Public School
Principal Amin Issac

Amin Issac is the Principal of Christ Public School, which he founded 29 November, 1999.  His heart is for helping the poor children and orphan children in his rural area of Pakistan, no matter what it takes.

Amin graduated from Pakistan Adventist Seminary on April 15, 1987.


Ambreen Koukab Amin is Mrs. Amin Issac
Vice Principal Ambreen Koukab Amin

Amin and his wife Ambreen are devoting their lives to these school kids, as well as to their own four children.

Both Amin and Ambreen work hard to ensure the best education possible for the children.  Yet, at the same time, they must constantly be searching and praying for ways that the financial needs can be met.

They also both help to raise funds for the special needs of their church, such as when a generator was needed.   In addition to being the school principal, Amin is also the Finance Secretary at Christ Pentecostal Church, situated in CHICHO KI MALLIAN Sheikhupura Pakistan. This church was built 13 years ago by a community of about 100 Christian families in the area, with no outside donations from anyone.  Pastor Mushtaq Masih runs the church.

Ambreen has created a Facebook page Christ Kids Ministries of Pakistan where she can post news, pictures, and requests about the needs at Christ Pentecostal Church.