New School Lunch Program

The feeding program started with 8 students.
The feeding program started with 8 students.

Several of the students were becoming weak and sick. Principal Amin Issac discovered that they were not eating lunch because they had no one at home during the day to prepare any food for them.  The other students go home and eat during the noon lunch break.  But these eight kids are orphans, and their single mom or family member who cares for them has to work to provide an income.

So it was decided… the school must start a lunch program for these children… even if the budget was already stretched to the limits.  They would begin feeding the needy children, and trust God to provide the required funds.  On October 1, 2013, the school lunch program was put into action.

They have already increased the number of lunch kids… and they moved to a bigger space to accommodate all ten kids.

Serving lunch to 10 orphan kids.
Serving lunch to 10 orphan kids.
These thin girls are very glad to be fed.
These thin girls are very glad to be fed.
The kids are enjoying the meal.
The kids are enjoying the meal.
2 kids enjoying lunch.
2 kids enjoying lunch.


The school welcomes donations to help continue providing nutritious lunches to these children six days a week.  If you would like to help with this program, go to our DONATE page for more information on how to make a contribution.

Classes Cancelled Due To Rain (and Hole in the Roof)

a boy stands in the courtyard of school looking at water on 28 sep 2013
a boy stands in the courtyard of school looking at water on 28 sep 2013

Rain is a problem for Christ Public School. Some of the classes are held in an outdoor courtyard area. So when there is a lot of rain, classes must be cancelled for that day.

In addition to the outdoor courtyard, the school has had a new problem for the past two months.  Due to heavy rains when the new school year began in August, part of the roof in one classroom collapsed.  The holes in the roof become larger every time it rains more.

Hole in the roof of one classroom.
Hole in the roof of one classroom.

Principal Amin Issac stated, “We have again rain on 27 sep
night and 28 sep day. Today on 30 again it rained at 11:00am to 1:00 pm; and at 11:15 am I closed school due to rain.  Keep us in your prayers.  Amen”

closeup of the hole in the roof.
Closeup of the hole in the roof.



These photos show the extremely poor condition of the roof.  The entire roof needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

But in spite of this concern, classes continue to be held as much as possible.  Also, as you saw in our previous posts, Christ Public School recently provided flood relief to another community that was devastated by heavy flooding.  Everyone tries to help each other in any way they can, ignoring their own problems for the moment.

You can see daylight coming through several places in the roof.
You can see daylight coming through several places in the roof.

Principal Amin Issac has faith that God will help them get enough funds to repair the school buildings, especially the roof.  If you feel you would like to help with this project, please see our DONATE page for how to send funds by Western Union.

Thank you for your prayers and support.




Update 5 Oct. 2013:  Great news! Thanks to a private donor who responded to this need, $200 was sent to Amin yesterday.  Soon the roof and also a broken gate will be repaired. Praise God!  It is still the dream to someday have a better school building with enough indoor classrooms so that all classes can continue during all types of weather.

Tribute to the people of Peshawar

Christ Public School wants to share this beautiful and moving tribute to the people who were hurt or killed in the tragic church bombing on Sunday September 22 in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Holy song dedicated to people of Peshawar
Singing by : Tehmina tariq
Lyric : khalid Emanuel
Music Arrange by :Ashirf khan

The words mean:
Every face always be remembered who drown in pain.
Every face who drown in blood be remembered.
May all the bombing victims be remembered.

Kids Pray For Peace in Pakistan


A child prays for peace of mind for the families of those who died.
A child prays for peace of mind for the families of those who died.

The children of Christ School & Sunday School have a CHILDREN PEACE PROTEST in church.  Small Girls are praying for the people of PESHAWER who died and their family for peace of mind, and beg the blood of Christ for injured people, that they heal soon in Jesus name. 

All kids too pray for the PEACE IN PAKISTAN and all the people of PESHAWER and all Christians in Pakistan and the world, that God will bless them all. 

Our Lord is the master of peace .  BLESSED ARE THEY WHO MOURN, FOR THEY WILL BE COMFORTED. Amen.


Kids made posters for their "Peace Protest".
The kids made posters for their “Peace Protest”.
A girl prays for peace in Pakistan.
A girl prays for peace in Pakistan.

Your Invitation to Pray For Peshawar

Christ Public School and the Sunday School kids, too, want you to pray with us for the people of PESHAWAR where many died in bomb blasts on Sunday.  We request to all
of you, please pray for all families and relatives of the people who died, for peace of mind because Jesus Christ is our courage.   “Jesus bless them with comfort and courage, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

AT 5:00 PM Monday we shall start our Sunday School.   We shall walk through the streets and collect all the kids and the young to come pray.

Over 80 people died in the suicide blasts Sunday.
Over 80 people died in the suicide blasts on Sunday.

You too can pray for us.  Amen?

Principal, Christ Public School

No Classes Today In Honor of Bombing Victims

school is closed in honor of bombing victims.School is closed today, 23 September,  in honor of the people who have died or been injured in the bomb blast at a church in Peshawar Pakistan on Sunday.  More than 80 people died and more than 140 people were injured in this incident.

This evening at 7:00 pm we have arranged a PEACE MEETING in CHRIST SCHOOL & CHURCH.  We shall pray for injured people and the families of people who have died, that God bless them and comfort them.   We are with them in all the way.   May our Lord give those who died at the church the place in the Lap of father Abraham, in Jesus name, Amen.

Your brother in Christ
Amin Issac

Scene of the bomb blasts in Peshawar
Scene of the bomb blasts in Peshawar

Here is a quote from an official news report:

PESHAWAR: A twin suicide bombing killed more than 75 people at a church service in northwest Pakistan on Sunday, officials said, in what is believed to be the country’s deadliest attack on Christians.

The two attackers struck at the end of a service at All Saints Church in Peshawar, the main town in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province which has borne the brunt of a bloody Islamist insurgency in recent years.

Sahibzada Anees, one of Peshawar’s most senior officials, told reporters the bombers struck when the service had just ended.

“Most of the wounded are in critical condition,” Anees said.

“We are in an area which is a target of terrorism and within that area there was a special security arrangement for the church. We are in a rescue phase and once it is over we will investigate what went wrong.”

Former minister for inter-faith harmony Paul Bhatti and provincial lawmaker Fredrich Azeem Ghauri both said the attack was the deadliest ever targeting Christians in Pakistan.

Christ Public School Helps Flood Victims

Late in August 2013, Christ Public School teamed up with Christ Pentecostal Church to provide flood relief to a nearby community.  The students and church members donated some of their very own belongings to help the flood victims, even though many of them are quite poor themselves.  This video, narrated by Principal Amin Issac, documents this flood relief effort.  The last part of the video shows a little bit of the school area including the school office:

Below is a transcript of Amin Issac’s narration in the video:

“See the banner: God Loves a Cheerful [giver] – Flood Relief.  Dhoo Ki Mallian is the place where we are going; and these packages are given by Christ Public School and Church.  The number of school principal, Amin Issac, is also there.

“And now we are returning to the packages that are given to the people.  And their names are also written on that.  We have faith on God that when you see this, that poor and orphan kids of our school donate our things to the needy people that are victims of the flood; and I request to all of my principal friends, brothers and sisters, that they might join hands with us, that we can give them more and more.  In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

Here are a few photos from the flood relief expedition.  It was quite an undertaking!  As you can see, the van carrying the boxes and people got bogged down in a flooded, washed-out area of the road.  To overcome this difficulty, the rest of the journey was made by ox cart, pulled by a water buffalo.  At one point they also walked through water to reach the flooded village.  But the mission was accomplished.  Boxes of clothing items were delivered.  Biscuits and small gifts were also distributed among the kids of the village.

The van is in ankle-deep water.
Our van fell in a field where water is about ankle deep.

Click here to see more photos……….. >  Continue reading “Christ Public School Helps Flood Victims”

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Some of the older students in their class.

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