Cooler Weather is Here, Jackets are Needed

Weather in Pakistan is similar to what we have here in Phoenix, Arizona: very hot in the summer, cooler and nice right now (late September to early October), and then it quickly becomes really chilly – especially at night – by mid to late October.

In Pakistan, only the rich people have air conditioning, so everyone else does the best they can with just fans.  Then winter comes, and jackets are needed – even indoors.

Little kids raise hands for needing a jacket.

Amin posted this cute photo of the “Play Group Class”  (preschool children) raising their hands to indicate they are without jackets.

On September 17, Amin reported on his  Facebook page that the weather is changing very fast due to rains, and the kids are feeling cool.

He is planning to present all 150 kids with jackets on Jackets Day, October 15th.

Here is a picture of Amin praying over the jackets last year before presenting them to the children.

Principal Amin prays over jackets.

The price of each jacket is $8.00, so Amin requested people to pray, and to donate enough for 5 or 10 jackets (or more) if it is possible. “Please share your love for the school’s orphans and poor kids.”

On September 30, Amin reported that one sister in the Lord had promised to supply money for 5 jackets – so now only 145 still need to be funded.

On October 2, this report was posted: “5 more Jackets received. Total 10 jackets received. Still need 140 more jackets. Please pray and donate if you can.”

Amin’s 150 students at Christ Public School range from preschool through 8th grade. Here is an assembly with all the students.

students in outdoor assembly

Notice that they meet outdoors for assemblies, whether it is hot or cold weather.

All of these kids are eagerly expecting to be blessed with jackets on October 15th.

Please pray and also do whatever God lays on your heart and makes possible…

….. as soon as possible…

…. so that Amin will have time to go into town and purchase the jackets that match the school uniforms.

Thanks so much for your prayers and your help! God bless!