We greatly appreciate those who can help us reach our goals. Our first and foremost aim is to teach the orphan children and poor children, with no cost to them.  Our school provides religious education that they may know the word of God.

8 orphan kids eat lunch for free at Christ Public School.
Daily Lunch Program

In October 2013 we added a feeding program for eight of our orphan kids who had nothing to eat at lunch time.  Most of the students go home to eat lunch, but we learned that these eight children had no one at home during the day to give them lunch.  They were becoming weak and sick due to malnutrition.  Since that time, the lunch program has expanded.  By October 2015 we were able to feed 15 children each day, and the number has continued to grow ever since.

Principal Amin Issac presents a child with new school supplies.
New School Supplies

We give the kids free books and notebooks, new shoes, and a school uniform each year.  Our mission is to enable orphan children to lead a positive, happy, independent life; integrate into society; achieve their maximum potential; and adopt a suitable career.

Children being presented with new uniforms.
New Uniforms
Kids sit on the floor for assembly
School Assembly

If you want to help us to help these kids, we are able to accept donations by Paypal. There is a Donate button on the sidebar to the right, for your convenience.

If you are able to send send a larger donation ($500 or more) please consider sending it by Western Union. This will allow a larger net amount to reach me, as Paypal transaction fees will be avoided. *

Some of our specific items needed include books, uniforms,  jackets, and furniture for the orphan children.  (Some of the classrooms are lacking chairs or benches, and many of the children sit on the floor.)

To send your offering by Western Union:
– My ID number is 35404-9509326-3.
– Please use my full name AMIN BOOTER ISSAC as the Recipient Name.
– I will pick it up at the nearest office (anywhere in Pakistan).  You do not need to specify the city.
– After you’ve sent the funds, please contact me via Facebook private message:
– Let me know you’ve sent the funds.
– Tell me the MTCN number of the transaction.

Thank you and God bless you.
~ Amin Issac

In July 2019, our friend Susan Moss made a heartfelt video about Christ Public School, asking her Facebook Friends for help with a specific need at the time. It is a beautiful tribute to the honesty and genuineness of Amin Issac and the work that he is doing. Thank you, Susan, for your sincere endorsement of this ministry!

Thank you so much for any donations you wish to bless us with!


Here is a photo from January 2013, when the orphan kids were presented with school books and school bags.  The children thanked and prayed for the persons whose donations made this possible.  The precious children in the photo below were performing during an assembly where they were presented with new uniforms.

kids perform 2


*  Here’s how the math works out ….

We have two ways you can send money to help the kids, via Paypal, or via Western Union.

You are welcome to use the easy Paypal button on the website for sending any amount, large or small.

However, please be aware that if you’re sending larger amounts (over $500), it’s better to send the funds to Amin via Western Union, if possible, to bypass the Paypal fees and get more of your donation directly into Amin’s hands.

How it works:

The Paypal funds come into a US bank account first, and are then sent via Western Union to Pakistan. This results in a smaller net amount actually reaching Amin, because fees are deducted by both Paypal and Western Union.

Here’s a real-life example:

On a recent donation of $1,200.00, Paypal deducted approximately $35.00 in processing fees. The net amount that actually arrived in the US bank account from Paypal was $1,164.90.

To send that amount ($1,164.90) to Pakistan, Western Union charged $30.00 in transfer fees, resulting in a net amount to Amin of only $1,134.90.

If the donor could have sent the entire $1,200.00 directly by Western Union, the same $30.00 transfer fee would still apply (a total  of $1,230.00 out-of-pocket for the donor).  But the Paypal fees would be avoided, and Amin would receive the entire $1,200.00 donation.

Or the donor could have sent $1,170.00 (net amount) to Amin, plus the $30.00 Western Union fees, to total the same $1,200.00 out-of-pocket amount. And Amin would still receive $1,170.00 instead of $1,134.90.

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