Summer Vacation is Something NEW in Pakistan

Pakistan news article about summer vacations
News Article May 17, 2019

Pakistan has changed their school calendar this year. Up until now, schools have operated on a year-round schedule, with only very short breaks a few times during the year.

But things are changing.

Due in part to the changing climate and increasingly hot summers each year, the government is now mandating a summer vacation for all schools and colleges.

In Punjab province, where Christ Public School is located, the schools will be closed from June 1 to August 14 for summer vacation.

Example of a Workbook
Example of a Summer Vacation Home Workbook

But learning will continue while the students are at home, because Summer Vacation Home Workbooks will be sent home with the children. These will contain specific lessons that need to be completed – at each grade level – during the 10 week break.

Principal Amin has asked for our prayers and help in providing workbooks for 250 children, costing $2.00 per child. The workbooks must be procured before the end of this month.

Example of Summer Vacation Workbook
Another Example of the Workbooks To Be Ordered

If you’re able to help, please donate as soon as possible so that Amin will have time to place his order and receive the books prior to May 31st. Amin says, “It’s very compulsory for each child. God bless you.”

As always, Amin and the children are very grateful for all the prayers and support from so many people who care.