Upcoming Hopes and Dreams

Grocery shopping by motorcycle.
Grocery Shopping

Jackets Day was a success, but in order to have enough funds to provide jackets, Principal Amin sold his motorcycle. In Pakistan, that’s your main (only) vehicle… or you might use a donkey cart, etc.  This motorcycle was what he used for transporting school supplies and food for the children the long distance home from the markets.

Now Christmas is coming, and the annual Gifts Day is scheduled for 22 December. The children have told Amin that they don’t need any traditional Christmas presents this year, they just want to receive new books, notebooks or school diaries along with a school bag.

boy with school books

The children are telling Amin “This is our Christmas gift. If we study hard, one day we will be good Christian and preacher of Jesus Christ. Hope after gotten education, we shall too supports many other children like us in the world.”

These kids understand the value of an education! Amin is inviting people to join them in purchasing books for the children because books are “their bright future”.

They need to purchase 250 sets of books, notebooks or daily homework diaries and school bags. It is only around $10 per child for all these supplies (very reasonable compared to in the U.S.).

Other needs are also projected for the remainder of the school year, including a much-hoped-for educational field trip (described in a separate post). Here is Amin’s detailed breakdown of the projected funds required:

projected budget for Christ Public School

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And whether you can give or not, Amin and the kids always appreciate your prayers.  Thanks, and God bless!