Video – Kids Request a New Building

The students of Christ Public School recently made a video and asked Principal Amin Issac’s Facebook Friends for help in getting them a new school building.

“You can see that the school building is so bad, if rain comes, how will we study in class?  And if it fell down, what would happen with us? Also, as you will see in the video, the hot sun comes in through the roof and the children are perspiring.  (Even now in October, the temperature in Pakistan reaches 100 degrees.)  But soon the cold weather will begin, which will be another challenge.  The roof needs to be fixed before then.  Facebook Friends, Please save $5 or $10 for us and contact us. God bless you all.”

by: all school kids of CHRIST PUBLIC SCHOOL

The new school year began on schedule in late August, even though heavy rains had  damaged the roof just days before.  God is faithful, we are confident the needs will be met.  Already, a generous donor has made it possible for the roof to be patched, and a broken gate to be repaired.  The mason is being hired, and the work will be done within the next 8 days.  However, the true dream remains… for a whole new building in the near future.