School Trip Day Photos

kids get ready for the tripThe school trip on November 27th was a great success!  Funds were received just in time, and the children were able to go.

Here are some of the highlights from their adventure in Had Balo ki safari park.

I can’t help but notice that some of the rides and activities are similar to what American kids experience on a school playground, a community fair, or at a neighborhood park or zoo.  Here we take it for granted that our children can do these simple things. But for kids in Pakistan, it is not so common. Parents are not so easily able to share these kinds of experiences with their children.

Principal Amin was thrilled to share the excitement with the kids. He reported that a person welcomed them at the entry gate with a drum.  Here is a short video he took. (Click on the image):

video imageHere is another video of the children enjoying a ride. Amin posted it on Facebook.

children enjoy a ride - video image

More images… see how much fun everyone was having!






This was a very satisfying trip, enjoyed by everyone! Thanks for your prayers and help in providing this for the kids.