The Books Have Arrived

book shopAmin went to the book shop today and selected the books for the new school year, then had them delivered by motor bike cart.

Amin’s entire journey from his rural village to the larger city and back took him from noon until 6:00 p.m.  It was starting to get dark as they approached the school.

A friend was very kind to transport Amin on his motor bike, since Amin currently has no vehicle of his own.  (He sold his motor bike several months ago to help finance projects at the school.)

school books loaded onto a motor bike cartHow did the books get delivered to the school?

It was quite a process. Amin hired a motor bike cart delivery service to transport the books, with Amin and his friend following behind the cart on the friend’s motor bike.

Here is a video of the books enroute to the school.

Books are on motor bike cart and way to school from city. Its evening time and cold. Thanx Lord me and books reached school safe and sound. Lovely scene of city sheikhupura.

Posted by Amin Issac on Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Finally, the books are unloaded from the cart and stacked in the school.

school booksThe shop owner wanted half of the purchase cost as a downpayment, but agreed to let Amin wait until December 31st to pay the first half.

The remaining half of the cost is due in two more monthly installments on January 31st and February 28th.

Donations to help cover these costs are greatly appreciated, as well as your prayers.

Principal Amin standing beside stacks of books

The 250 sets of books will be delivered to the students from December 28 – 30 in preparation for the new school year which begins January 2nd.

The books include Homework diaries and note books, as well as the lesson books for the various grade levels.

This little boy was happy to receive his books last year. boy with school books

These children take their education very seriously and know they are extremely blessed to receive an education. We can’t say “thank you” enough to all the people who help make this possible.