Christ Public School Helps Flood Victims

Late in August 2013, Christ Public School teamed up with Christ Pentecostal Church to provide flood relief to a nearby community.  The students and church members donated some of their very own belongings to help the flood victims, even though many of them are quite poor themselves.  This video, narrated by Principal Amin Issac, documents this flood relief effort.  The last part of the video shows a little bit of the school area including the school office:

Below is a transcript of Amin Issac’s narration in the video:

“See the banner: God Loves a Cheerful [giver] – Flood Relief.  Dhoo Ki Mallian is the place where we are going; and these packages are given by Christ Public School and Church.  The number of school principal, Amin Issac, is also there.

“And now we are returning to the packages that are given to the people.  And their names are also written on that.  We have faith on God that when you see this, that poor and orphan kids of our school donate our things to the needy people that are victims of the flood; and I request to all of my principal friends, brothers and sisters, that they might join hands with us, that we can give them more and more.  In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

Here are a few photos from the flood relief expedition.  It was quite an undertaking!  As you can see, the van carrying the boxes and people got bogged down in a flooded, washed-out area of the road.  To overcome this difficulty, the rest of the journey was made by ox cart, pulled by a water buffalo.  At one point they also walked through water to reach the flooded village.  But the mission was accomplished.  Boxes of clothing items were delivered.  Biscuits and small gifts were also distributed among the kids of the village.

The van is in ankle-deep water.
Our van fell in a field where water is about ankle deep.

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Some of the older students in their class.

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